I have a varied writing portfolio. I started out producing articles, features and reviews for national newspapers, trade magazines and literary quarterlies, then progressed to books. I’ve published over a dozen, all of them historical or factual.

I am currently writing the fifth in a series of books with former country copper Mike Pannett (Now Then, Lad, etc.). Their success has given me the freedom to write for my own pleasure during half of each year. I am using that freedom to pursue my interests in the American West, and various aspects of the great outdoors - and to maintain a blog HERE.

I’ve written for TV and radio - factual and drama. I’ve also been a Writer in Residence in Jack Kerouac’s old house, spent six months as a Wingate Scholar on a Nebraska cattle ranch, and supplemented my income as a reader of non-fiction for Britain’s foremost literary consultancy, TLC.
Please click the link below to see my new e-book The Red House On The Niobrara on Amazon.